Benefits Mobile Apps For Business

The use of mobile apps, or better known as mobile applications are more and more in demand. Data obtained from Gartner explained that the trend for the use of mobile applications downloaded in 2015 as much as 170 billion and expected to rise to 270 billion in 2017. For his own income, according to data taken from statista in 2015 revenues of mobile applications across the world reached USD 45 billion and is predicted to increase to $ 76 billion in 2017.
For businesses, it is a chance and an opportunity to build and also develop its business. besides mobile application is considered very helps businesses make it easy for business users as well as businesses themselves. As explained by Ardian Franindo as Head Of Mobile Solution from Suitmedia, there are three benefits of ease technically obtainable for businesses that use mobile application for business. Also you need to understand more about 4 Common App Development Mistakes Everyone Should Avoid.
First, to pre-transaction. Mobile application that features LBS (location based system) combined with search, map view, up to then direct action (call / transaction) can increase user awareness of your business. Such features can be applied in business travel (tickets, hotels, transport), event, food to outlet shopping. In addition, the benefits of pre-transaction on the mobile application also can be made use to create direct marketing channels with the push notification feature, you can provide info promo or the latest news into the hands of users quickly and can also be combined to feature profiling thereby increasing the relevance of promo / business to a user.
Benefits the second is to help process the transaction. With the selection of User Experience (UX) is right on the application will be easier for users to perform transactions on your business. Add also a search feature in applications that facilitate user searches for something to be desired. In addition to using the mobile application can create a communication system of payment with cheaper and easier.
Lastly, to post the transaction. With the mobile application, customers who conduct transactions or purchase products will be immediately reviewing making it easier to follow up in the future as well as grading the products you sell. Besides mobile application can also provide solutions to customer loyalty loyal to improve closeness to use. Digital loyalty system will make it easier for users without the need to store physical card.